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There is no doubt that technology is transforming the world of accounting. As a result, our approach is to offer the best of technology with a human touch – value-added business advice. Clients receive a more responsive finance function at a better value.

BComm Law; Bcomm Honours (Management Accounting); ACMA, CGMA

Louwtjie enjoys working with people in team format and he's passionate about having a great culture in the organisation, geared towards serving clients with their collective professional toolkits.

FUN FACT: He grew up in Tanzania.



Bachelors of Engineering (Industrial) - B.Eng (Industrial)

Daniel loves working with people, processes and operational excellence. He thrives on using analytical skills and his experience in real-life businesses to guide entrepreneurs towards successful ventures. Daniel joined Finovate in 2018, contributing a broad strategic and operational management skillset to the benefit of SME clients.

FUN FACT: He's the oldest guy at Finovate.



Associate Chartered Management Accountant (ACMA CGMA); BCommHons (Management Accounting)

Jandré is passionate about financial stewardship through serving business owners and individuals with his core skills and competencies.

FUN FACT: He's in the process of formulating a book about his family's ancestry.




Francois enjoys assisting business owners strategically so that their businesses can make a sustainable impact in the community. Being able to collaborate with great staff within the business who has a growth mindset and are willing to serve others by what they are doing.

FUN FACT: He loves playing Settlers of Catan (Board Game).




René loves building a team of professionals that are ready to help clients gain better management insights in their businesses, engaging with clients to provide strategic direction and using technology to achieve better results.

FUN FACT: He's driven a scooter across the Bali island.




What Ilse enjoys most about her job is that it allows her to be both a mother to her three beautiful kids and to explore her God given talent in Accounting.

FUN FACT: You can bribe her with marshmallows, nougat and chardonnay!

Ilse Hanekom

Group FM

Elrine works with an attention to detail approach to her work, and enjoys helping her clients to maintain accurate and compliant company documents so that they can focus on their main business activities.

FUN FACT: She can play guitar and the ukulele.

Elrine Oosthuizen

Company Secretarial

Rynelle is passionate about her clients. She enjoys seeing Finovate taking the financial seat in a business and in that way enabling the owner to focus on growing his business, living out his passion and seeing his vision for his company being fulfilled

FUN FACT: She spent 2 years in London after her studies and is a proud Dachshund mama!

Rynelle Eksteen


Financial Accounting - Intermediate Level (ICB)

Mercia loves solving problems and working on the newest software the profession has to offer.

FUN FACT: She loves playing PlayStation and DIY projects around the house.

Mercia Grassmann


BCompt Financial Accounting / Professional Accountant (SA)

Mariska enjoys helping clients run their businesses successfully by supplying accurate financial figures for decision making.

FUN FACT: Her name is of Hungarian origin and means Child Of The Sea.

Mariska Swart


BCompt in Financial Accounting

Loraine loves working with clients who have complicated systems, being able to make the impossible possible by introducing new systems and procedures.

FUN FACT: She's a farm girl by heart who loves the country side and working with animals.

Loraine Nagel


Professional Accountant (SAIPA)

As an accountant she's passionate about the opportunity to solve problems, individually or collaborating with team members and clients.

FUN FACT: She's a sport enthusiast and support all kinds of sports.

Jo-Ann Rhoda


Kylie loves being able to interact with people during the day and adores when her to-do lists are all ticked off.

FUN FACT: Kylie originally studied Beauty Therapy in JHB and has been in Cape Town for 9 years. She has two little boys and a teen girl so is basically a master juggler and multi-tasker.


Accounting Administrator

Professional Account (SA), GTP

Tia-Mari loves being able to help people and actually make a difference in their tax lives.

FUN FACT: When she's super concentrating, she starts to hum Christmas songs.

Tia-Mari van Tiddens


Sharne loves being able to unearth clarity from confusion, mining order from chaos and producing serenity in a time that seems to only feel like havoc. To look deeply with intent, to understand and to decipher the issue in order to bring a resolution. This is what she loves about her job, it combines the avidity she has for justice, for simplicity and order.

FUN FACT: If Sharne hadn't discovered her love for numbers - she would have been a professional ballerina with the Cape Town City Ballet.


Tax Administrator

BComm Psych

Adele loves building personal relationships with each of her clients, understanding different personalities and accommodating clients as far as possible to make them feel valued.

FUN FACT: In another life, she thinks she would've been a Forensic Detective due to her love for Crime Documentaries.

Adele Traut


Cherise enjoys being in a position to assist her clients and colleagues across so many different areas of the business. Being the Office Manager means her role is never boring, there's always something new to learn.

FUN FACT: Originally a Durbanite, she lived in the UK for 5 years before moving to Cape Town. She’ll always be a Sharks fan though.

Cherise Cheek

Office Manager

BEng Degree

Leigh enjoys being part of a team, and loves to see processes work smoothly. The best part is when you can see your work adds value.

FUN FACT: She grew up in the middle of the pine plantations in the Tsitsikamma, and spent 3 years on the West Coast working for De Beers Namaqualand Mines.

Leigh Janse van Rensburg

Business Analyst


Liezl loves helping others and working together as a team towards a goal. She enjoys working with young individuals who are eager to learn.

Liezl Spies

Manager – Trainee Department

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Amber-Lee loves that she's been exposed to the many different sides of a business, from accounting to payroll, consulting and tax. She enjoys that she's able to build relationships with clients and assist them in achieving their long term vision of their business.

Amber-Lee Villiers

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Max loves team work. He also reads, runs and plays golf in his free time.

FUN FACT: He was born in Belgium.

Max de Clippel

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Cherè enjoys working with a helpful and a committed team. She feels incredibly fortunate to have a very hands-on Manager, and enjoys the interactive nature of their Trainee Department!

FUN FACT: She's a dog and Sushi lover. And she's from a little town in the Eastern Cape called Queenstown.

Cherè Hardnick

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Nicole loves the people she gets to work with everyday, "everyone is always willing to help". She enjoys learning something new almost everyday, as it teaches you to think outside of just your normal everyday problems.

FUN FACT: She's half Portuguese (hence the strange surname).

Nicole João Luiz

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BComm Financial Management

Felix enjoys the diversity of industry engagement.

FUN FACT: He participates in horizontal running.


CIMA – 2020

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Viljoen enjoys problem-solving in the workplace.

FUN FACT: He really cannot cook food but is interested in learning.

Viljoen Visagie

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Enya enjoys equipping people to feel like they are in control of their finances so that they can focus on their own goals and passions.

FUN FACT: She believes the best thing you can do for yourself and others is to have vision for your life. It gives purpose and meaning to each day.

Enya Bain

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

FUN FACT: Call him Ewie 😉 If he had not started work at Finovate, he would've joined the British Royal Navy as a Royal Marine.


BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Carel van der Merwe

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Suné enjoys learning from her colleagues’ experiences and all the knowledge they have to offer. As a first year trainee, she looks forward to learn a lot and she loves being able to interact with people.

FUN FACT: She lived in Bela-Bela for some of her childhood, so even though she was mostly brought up in Stellenbosch, the bushveld and wildlife has a soft spot in her heart.

Suné Steenkamp

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

CIMA Adv Diploma MA Management Accountant

Richardt loves helping people and believes that collaboration is the cornerstone of progress.

FUN FACT: He played semi-professional cricket for 5 seasons.

 Richardt Frenz

CIMA Adv Diploma MA Management Accountant

BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

Henlo grew up in Paarl. He enjoys being busy and learning new things while working with people. FUN FACT: Henlo only listens to country music.


BCommHons (Man Acc) Management Accountant

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